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ImageNet is an established, high performance software solution. It serves
as a flexible solution for a wide range of demanding imaging applications and gives law enforcement agencies, of all sizes, the software foundation they need to capitalize on the power of imaging technology and network computing. This network compatible, multi-jurisdictional system works with any open architecture hardware platform. And, as part of a package, we provide a universal data interface to any existing jail management, booking, or prison tracking software.

The ImageNet system captures inmate photos, scars, marks, and tattoos. These images are then classified and integrated into booking arrest records. The images can also be collected and shared with other arresting agencies or jails.

The built-in Investigative Imaging software allows detectives from multiple law enforcement agencies to produce lineups from existing local image databases or through use of the wide-area network, centralized remote imaging databases. It provides for acquisition of photos of suspects, arrestees, juveniles and visitors to the facility. A built-in security system offers investigative privacy of the lineups. In addition, ImageNet™ investigative imaging can be used in general purpose procedures such as the enrollment of employees and furnishes custom display and printing of each lineup, photo array report, and composition report for the prosecutor, supporting arrest procedures.

A Flexible, Scalable Solution to Image Tasks

Our imaging equipment is designed to integrate into mission critical information management applications easily and without substantially changing the work environment. The ImageNet™ equipment also provides customers with the flexibility to purchase exactly what they need for current requirements, while cost effectively building on to the system as their needs grow.

For example, ImageNet is perfect for law enforcement agencies that need to initially gain the many advantages of automated imaging, without major capital expenditures. Yet, as more extensive imaging needs development the agency grows, ImageNet can grow too. Starting with simple imaging process, an organization can grow at its own pace, without ever changing software or undertaking a conversion. * Grant Eligible Product

Additional Features of ID Networks Digital Imaging Technology

ImageNet™ demonstrates the new functionality, the impressive power of digital imaging technology. Additional features of the advanced imaging process include:

  • Performance of captured images with the ability to take full advantage of classification and cataloging processes.
  • Integration with narratives through embedded word processing and spell check. This effectively meets the vital need to link associated text, reports, and data records with images.
  • The capability to communicate and share - via networks and the Internet.
  • Management tools that allow you to fully leverage the valuable performance and productivity features of the ImageNet™ System. These features include a multitude of software screens, product photos, and images as well as cosmetic enhancements like a huge variety of high definition color.

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