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The ID Networks Mobile suite of solutions provides what is very likely the industry's widest range of Mobile Data Computer configurations and capabilities available.  Whether your agency is looking to use WiFi connections, mobile data radios, cellular, satellite communications, or all of these aforementioned, ID Networks can tailor a configuration and solution that will fit both your needs and your budget.

For those agencies that simply can’t afford to go online all of the time with the prevailing, but expensive, traditional technologies such as data radio infrastructures or the reoccurring costs of cellular connections, we’ve created a feature rich field reporting approach that we call the “MOST”.  The Mobile Officer Synchronization Toolkit is a 2 way synchronization of the RMS databases elements that are typically used most often in the field.  This means that officers can take their incident reports, crash reports, and citations with them into the field even though they won’t be “online” with the office in a real time fashion.  By allowing officers to spend more time in the car, and less time back at the office, we feel as though this solution caters to the smaller agencies with limited budgets. 

When agencies have either the infrastructure or the budget to go online all of the time, ID Networks can help improve officer efficiency and safety even more.  By using our Mobile Message Manager application, officers can have a single application that allows them to do all of the following and much more:

  • Interface with state and federal systems (such as state criminal history systems, BMV’s or SOS, NCIC, Regional Sharing Systems, etc…)
  • Automate inquiries from drivers license scans
  • Use the information gathered by inquiries to auto-populate citations, crash reports, and incident reports
  • Communicate with dispatchers silently about all CAD activities, statuses, notes, etc…
  • Self initiate routine activities in CAD
  • Get sophisticated unit status features and mapping capabilities
  • Get driving directions, ETA, AVL services, with GIS and COTS mapping support, unlimited preplan formats and capabilities, etc…
  • Get “Critical Notice” assistance through application highlights and Automated Acknowledgements back to CAD
  • Car to Car, Car to CAD, Car to pager, and Car to cell phone messaging
  • Individual messaging, Group messaging, Agency wide messaging, Interagency messaging, and System wide messaging

With this one, multipurpose application, there are literally hundreds of features that will help make your officers more efficient, safe, and productive. * Grant Eligible Product


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