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Livescan FingerprintingID Livescan

ID Networks provides a full range of state-of-the-art fingerprint and palm print identification solutions. We offer a complete line of Livescan systems for criminal booking and applicant background checks.  Our user friendly and scanner independent Livescan software is designed to be fully compatible with all Livescan scanners on the market. Therefore, our system is designed to be the most configurable Livescan available today. You get to pick and choose from a wide range of hardware and software options based on current needs, while maintaining expandability as technology requirements grow. * Grant Eligible Product

Why Choose Our Livescan?

  • Scanner Independent Software
    Since our Livescan is truly scanner independent, ultimately, you are the one who benefits because you can combine the best Livescan software with whatever fingerprint scanner best suits the situation

  • Ease of Use
    Most intuitive Livescan software that enable operators to capture quick and efficient prints without extensive training or frequent use

  • Free Built-In Mugshot Capture Software
    Enables operators to capture images including mug shots, scars, marks and tattoos, as well as fingerprints from a single booking station, eliminating the need for multiple capture stations and redundant data entry

  • Built-In Web Interface
    Allows the status and contents of Livescan records to be viewed from just about any computer

  • Permanent Archive Storage
    The permanent storage of electronic fingerprints, palm prints, arrest records, and photos is inherent within every Livescan system

  • Total Cost of Ownership
    Free software upgrades with a fixed maintenance price for the lifespan of your system

  • Best Customer Service Support
    Our customer service team is comprised of product experts who pride themselves in providing our customers with world-class service and support while maintaining focus around customer needs and building partnerships

Product Highlights:

  • FBI Appendix F Certified
  • Automated Sequence Checking by comparing rolled and flat impressions
  • WSQ Image Compression
  • Fully compliant and certified to meet the FBI's IQS (Image Quality Standard) requirements
  • Fast Real-Time Image Capture with Screen Preview
  • Data Checking and real-time operator feedback for assurance of correct data entry format
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Customizable tool tips and data entry screens
  • Creat a complete arrest record with demographic, fingerprint/palmprint, mugshot and SMT information
  • Free Built-In Demographic Data Import to Eliminate Double Typing
  • Minimal Training to Operate - Even for First Time Users
  • Available in Ruggedized, Desktop, and Portable configurations



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