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Fingerprint Identification
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Finger Verify / Finger ID

What is YOUR Biometric Plan?

Due to rapid advances in technology, name based identifications have become more and more unreliable. People now have more ways than ever in which they can assume, create, alter, or mask their identities. The need for on the spot biometric verifications and/or identifications at all levels within the criminal justice system has never been higher.

With over 20 years of biometric research and development behind it, ID Networks has developed scalable solutions that will meet the biometric needs of single, multiple or regional Criminal Justice entities. ID Networks has been a FBI certified Livescan provider since 2001 and is the contracted Livescan provider in several states. Our scalable solutions can be incorporated into an agencies existing workflow in order to meet the needs of any biometric plan. Agencies that implement biometric solutions benefit from:

  • Improved Officer Safety
  • Reduced agency liability
  • Improved workflow efficiencies
  • Access to Regional, State, and Federal biometric databases

All solutions:

  • Are scalable
  • Meet or exceed industry standards of reliability
  • Are affordable for all sized agencies
  • Are easy to utilize
  • May be used in multiple workflow steps
  • Are easy to install and maintain
  • Can be integrated with other systems

Finger Verify:

FingerVerify utilizes a subject's fingerprints to determine if a person really is who they say they are. FingerVerify can be used to bring the power of biometrics to all levels throughout the Criminal Justice Process.

Some common uses for FingerVerify are:


  • Ensure the correct prisoner is being released
  • Confirm Identiity before dispensing medication
  • Monitor prisoner movements
  • Assist with "In's and Out's"


  • At preliminary hearings
  • At bond hearings
  • At sentencing
  • At court ordered treatment locations


  • At appearances
  • Before drug testing
  • At authorized treatment centers


Bring the power of an Automated Fingerprint Identification System to your agency. Use FingerID to create your own fingerprint matcher or access a state and/or federal AFIS. FingerID matcher is a scalable matcher that supports ISO and ANSI fingerprint templates. Customize a matcher to search 35 million prints per second or 100 million prints per second.

Some common uses for FingerID include:

Mobile ID: (MI, NC, VA)

  • Quickly access and search state and federal AFIS
  • Rapidly identify violent or wanted individuals
  • Identify incapacitated individuals at accidents or in the hospital

Agency/Regional Proprietary Database Use:

  • Create and use unique numbers for biometric identifications
  • Biometrically Identify and track local repeat offenders
  • Biometrically link internal records together
  • Identify prisoners upon intake and export information to Jail Management or Record Management Systems


FacialVerify brings the power of the mugshot to a whole new level. Facial Recognition software is utilized to determine if a person really is who they say they are. FacialVerify can utilize facial images saved in multiple formats and can perform one to one comparisons in a fraction of a second.


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