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CAD Computer Aided DispatchComputer Aided Dispatch

When ID Networks set out to build our new ID Dispatch CAD system, our mission was quite simple. We wanted to build a CAD that would be recognized as the very best in its class.

After working with industry experts and our customer base, we believe our product is more powerful, flexible, and user friendly than any CAD system available.

Our IDDispatch CAD product has hundreds of explicit features that make it attractive.  Here is a brief list of the features that make it stand out from the competition.
* Grant Eligible Product

System Architecture Advantages

  • Distributed System Architecture (you continue running even when your server or network fails)
  • Instantaneous status monitor updates with no polling whatsoever
  • Capable of running over the internet as well as low bandwidth environments

Superior Mapping Approach

  • Support for three different leading mapping technologies
  • Independent, on the fly mapping technology switching
    (for out-of-area maps, etc.)
  • Pictometry support
  • ESRI technologies and standards support
  • All maps are embedded to provide a seamless user interface and superior performance
  • Eliminates the need for a separate GEO file
  • Gives dispatchers the ability to provide closest route driving directions to officers

User Friendly Screens

  • Command line type ahead tips
  • Drag and drop dispatching support
  • Superior duplicate call processing engine
  • Customizable call taker screen and dispatcher screen
  • Powerful and intuitive call explorer screen
  • Intuitive call and unit scheduling process

Seamless Integration

  • Very tight integration to mobile officers dispatch application
  • AVL/GPS support with ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) calculations for unit recommendation
  • Integrated State/NCIC Name and Vehicle queries
  • RMS export to CFS

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