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Selecting the right Records Management Software system can be a time consuming effort. IDRecords (RMS) takes the guesswork out of building a solution designed to be a perfect fit for your organization. Since 1984, ID Networks has provided a comprehensive range of technical law enforcement services addressing all phases of planning, software selection, deployment, implementation and reliable on-going full service.

IDRecords enables law enforcement to be more efficient, more accessible, and more responsive to the needs of their communities. The system is a fully integrated records management solution that uses today’s technologies.
Our software tools save you time, improve accuracy, and expedite the flow of information to improve your departmental efficiency. Our software contains comprehensive inquiry and reporting tools, powerful search and retrieval capabilities, and dramatically improves reporting and investigation and case management.

IDRecords programs are created with advice and design criteria from professional public safety personnel and end-users. Our programs efficiently and accurately capture, validate, maintain and share information in compliance with local, state, and federal standards including state specific NIBRS or UCR incident reporting methods. IDRecords information can be directly transferred to FBI, state or regional data centers. * Grant Eligible Product

Product Applications:

  • Accident / Crash Reports
  • Activity Logs
  • Alerts (ATL, BOLO, Missing and Wanted)
  • Calls For Service
  • Contacts Manager
  • Domestic Violence
  • Evidence / Property Room
  • Field Contacts and Interviews
  • Incident / Offense / Arrest Reports
  • Investigative Case Management
  • Master Indexes (Name, Address, Vehicle, Property)
  • Personnel Resources
  • Query and Report Builder
  • Record Deletions and Expungements
  • Reports Review and Approval
  • Security and Welfare Checks
  • Statistics
  • Towed Vehicles
  • Traffic Citations
  • Warning (Criminal and Traffic)
  • Warrants (Local)

Product Highlights:

  • Record Summary Screens and Reports
  • Electronic Redacting
  • Standardized Toolbar and Functions
  • Instant Warrant Checking
  • Mapping Interfaces
  • Master Indexes (Name, Address/Location, Vehicle)
  • Emailing of Images, Records or Reports
  • Federal & State Crime Reporting Standards
  • Incident Offense Reporting (MICR, NIBRS, UCR)
  • Queries and Reports (embedded & stand-alone)
  • Statistical Reporting with Charting
  • Ad Hoc Query Building
  • Configuration & Setup Options (per application)
  • Integrated Photo Imaging and Management
  • Scanned Documents Management
  • Digital Forms Reproductions and Replications (preview and print)

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