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ID ShareIJIS Information Sharing

In order to meet the complex challenges of today’s criminal justice environment, IDNetworks IJIS software solutions can help provide outstanding flexibility to configure a sharing system that is scalable.

These modular solutions combine advanced technology and integration components into a system that extends data access throughout your network and the internet.

Our IJIS system provides you with significant advantages over traditional data sharing techniques especially ones that require all agencies to use the same software. With our IJIS approach, you keep all of your existing systems in place and simply forward an XML copy of all transactions to the IJIS Data Archive. Data is then processed in real-time or batch mode via the IJIS Universal Import components. Your data is validated, standardized, and updated to the Centralized IJIS Data Archive for immediate access. Compliance with NCIC, ANSI/NIST and the FBI provide you with an enhanced data warehouse, without affecting any existing information flow.
* Grant Eligible Product

Product Highlights:

  • XML Data Import Transactions
  • Online Browser Access
  • Robust Data Archives
  • Photo Archives
  • Fingerprint Archives
  • Embedded Email
  • Global Index Server
  • Central System Administration
  • Remote Agency Administration
  • Fingerprint Authentication

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