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Ionia County now has mobile fingerprinting

Ionia County Sheriff’s Office deputies are testing a new mobile fingerprint system in two of their vehicles. The new technology allows deputies to take fingerprints in the field and search the databases of the Michigan State Police, FBI and special watch lists within a matter of minutes. The system is being developed by ID Networks Inc. of Ohio.


Eden police implements new fingerprint technology

In an effort to improve local law enforcement, the Eden Police Department has implemented new technology that allows officers to remotely identify individuals. Mobile Fingerprint Identification, or Finger-ID, introduces a new set of options when identifying people and potential suspects.


ID Networks Acquires DaProSystems

ID Networks, Inc. of Ashtabula, Ohio, a leading developer of Public Safety and Biometric Software, announced the acquisition of DaProSystems, Inc. of Virginia effective April 1, 2015.  ID Networks currently supports over 350 Virginia agencies through statewide contracts with the Commonwealth and will sustain long term support to all DaProSystem agencies, with current DaProSystems employees. Please see our press release for more details on this exciting development.




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